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By M. C. DeSouza © 2017

I am a woman, but also a girl.

More woman than girl by obligation or trauma,

By soul drama,

The more I can, the more I am a girl than a woman. 

I'm tenacious and vulnerable, 

Sure of myself, but malleable.

Fearful and divided but strangely decided.

I'm an easy girl, make me happy. 

Don't abuse me, win me over.

Don't use me, I wasn't born a floozy.

I like to be appreciated for who I am, 

Without being idolized, 

I need to be considered, challenged, enraged, contested, 

Even hurt when contradicted.

In bed, before I sleep, 

I want to be heard and understood,

Never. . . Never . . . abandoned.

I love the freedom to be me.

Only I know what I went through to be who I am.

I am priceless, I demand from you,

Whenever possible, a compliment.

Don't impose to me, explain to me, 

Don't send me, come with me, 

Don't teach me, show me. 

Don't demand me, understand me. 

If I'm sad, don't try to calm me down,

just hold me. 

Don't settle for me, lie down with me,

and wait for the night to pass. 

Because the girl is afraid of the dark

and has no disguises

But when the girl sleeps,

the woman rises.

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