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"Dad, I don't know | If fate will accede me.
Outlaw, | Your child is a pair | Of traps
Made to catch the future.

By Mauro C. Souza © 1992


Photo by Haeyeon Chang

"That's it.
I write because there is some lie that I want to tell.
I write because it is dawn, and soon it'll be evening. 
The black stars in the white night are inks on the paper.

By Mauro C. Souza © 2021


"Au-delà d'une discipline saine, sois doux avec toi-même. / Tu es un enfant de l'univers, pas moins que les arbres et les étoiles; tu as le droit d'être ici."

By Max Ehrmann © 1927

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"Shadows don't fade | From a past that bleeds in my ears | Spreading on the floor of my destiny, |Torn by loneliness, |Immersed in the silence of the absurd."

By Mauro C. Souza © 2012


Photo by Haeyeon Chang

"Life goes away | The past remains | Obfuscated | On the corners | Of memories | No glories"

By Mauro C. Souza © 2010
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Photo by Haeyeon Chang

"Outside, the wind howls, | a lonely and desperate cry, | the clouds roll in"

By Mauro C. Souza © 2010

Photo by Haeyeon Chang

"I am a woman, but also a girl. | More woman than girl by obligation or trauma, | By soul drama, | The more I can, the more I am a girl than a woman. | I'm tenacious and vulnerable, | Sure of myself, but malleable."

By Mauro C. Souza © 2017
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"That corner where life bends, | Lived, suffered on the corner. | If a thought were fate, | Destiny would be a lament."

By Mauro C. Souza © 2017

No, I ain’t gonna ask for bread, | No, I ain’t gonna measure your hand, | No, I ain’t gonna give you some, | No, I ain’t gonna bow to the ground,

By Mauro C. Souza © 2012
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