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I tell myself to be careful not to fall into permanent one-sidedness by choosing either the Apollonian or Dionysian set of characteristics. Both are integrated into the Ubermensch which Nietzsche, through Zarathustra, suggests. Sometimes I need the one - sometimes the other. The important question is this: how do I have to behave - at this very moment - to balance an extreme opposite? I realize that I don’t need to be careful to fall into permanent one-sidedness, for I am into permanent oneness, and that is everybody’s fate. My cultural impulse is strong and can be both: Apollonian and Dionysian, according to different characteristics, and both are inserted in what I am. My body needs to touch other humans, to move, agony and ecstasy to be what it is, and certainly, I have emotions intertwined with my intellect, and faith with reason. Therefore, I agree with Nietzsche in the beauty of the result produced out of the Dionysian principle and I feel that the right and balanced combination of Apollonian and Dionysian will make the world I live in much better, not in the sumptuous sense but aesthetic one.


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