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One Minute Reading

1 minute stories is a collection of small stories that you can read in a minute or less. Though the stories are short there is a deep moral or fun inside each story. Read the stories and have fun!!!



By Mauro C. DeSouza

Sitting on the cold, dirty floor of the city jail was a teenage girl. Her blonde hair was messy, her face between her hands as if she wanted to hide it from everyone. She was 16 years old. Her name, Susan. Was she crying? Was she confused and depressed?



By Mauro C. DeSouza

I went to the library wrapped in a blanket and spent the rest of the morning reading. When it was time for lunch, I went to the kitchen, got an apple, went to my room and got my notebook, went back to the living room, and continued reading between bites of the apple. In the afternoon, as usual, I prepared to go to the café bistro in Saint-Germain des Prés. 

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